The best way to download our music is from our bandcamp page. Name your price. Our feelings won't be hurt if you can't afford to pay anything.

Our bandcamp page is also the best place to order physical copies of our music, and other merchandise. The new album, The Revenge of Two-Gun Pete, is available there now.

Note for customers outside the USA: the Post Office has started charging exorbitant rates to ship records to foreign countries. Somehow CD Baby manages to ship them for about half the rate we get charged. So for non-US customers only, we recommend buying the album from them.

12" Vinly LP:
Collisionville: The Revenge of Two-Gun Pete

Compact Disc:
Collisionville: The Revenge of Two-Gun Pete

Two-Gun Pete from the iTunes store, or if you prefer, from Amazon.

I Spied a Spider from
Collisionville: I Spied a Spider

Here it is from iTunes, or from Amazon.

Hotter Heads Prevail from
Collisionville: Hotter Heads Prevail

Or to get it from the iTunes Music Store, click here. You can also get it from Amazon here.