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Drummer M.E. Miller left the band in 2006. He passed away in 2015, and we miss him and mourn him always. Bass player Bill Ramsay left California in early 2007. Ben Adrian is still involved, but has moved to Los Angeles. Click here to learn more about him. David Shollenbarger took over for Ben in early 2012 and departed amicably in late 2014.

Conor Thompson joined the band in the summer of 2008 and played bass with us for an incredible 14 years, departing in the spring of 2022. If you poke around a bit on our facebook page, you can find a photo essay in tribute to all his time with us.

Our current (and longest-tenured) drummer is Cory Snavely, who joined in the spring of 2015, after previously playing in many bands in the Detroit area. Vinnie Reeder (Conor's bandmate from Vitamin Party and Philistines) became our new bass player in the summer of 2022.